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Home Alone (PG)

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019
7:30 PM
Granada Hills 9 - Granada Hills
16830 Devonshire Street
Granada Hills, CA 91344
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Seat(s) adjacent to wheelchair accessible areas are reserved for companion seating.
Patrons not in need of such accommodations may be asked to move or issued a refund.

Choose a seat from the map below. First row, closest to the screen, is at the top and last row is at the bottom.
row A seat 5row A seat 6row A seat 7row A seat 8row A seat 9row A seat 10row A seat 11row A seat 12row A seat 13row A seat 14row A seat 15row A seat 16row A seat 17
row B seat 1row B seat 2row B seat 3row B seat 4
row B seat 5row B seat 6row B seat 7row B seat 8row B seat 9row B seat 10row B seat 11row B seat 12row B seat 13row B seat 14row B seat 15row B seat 16row B seat 17
row B seat 18row B seat 19row B seat 20row B seat 21
row C seat 1row C seat 2row C seat 3row C seat 4
row C seat 5row C seat 6row C seat 7row C seat 8row C seat 9row C seat 10row C seat 11row C seat 12row C seat 13row C seat 14row C seat 15row C seat 16row C seat 17
row C seat 18row C seat 19row C seat 20row C seat 21
row D seat 1row D seat 2row D seat 3row D seat 4
row D seat 5row D seat 6row D seat 7row D seat 8row D seat 9row D seat 10row D seat 11row D seat 12row D seat 13row D seat 14row D seat 15row D seat 16row D seat 17
row D seat 18row D seat 19row D seat 20row D seat 21
row E seat 1row E seat 2row E seat 3row E seat 4
row E seat 5row E seat 6row E seat 7row E seat 8row E seat 9row E seat 10row E seat 11row E seat 12row E seat 13row E seat 14row E seat 15row E seat 16row E seat 17
row E seat 18row E seat 19row E seat 20row E seat 21
row F seat 1row F seat 2row F seat 3row F seat 4
row F seat 5row F seat 6row F seat 7row F seat 8row F seat 9row F seat 10row F seat 11row F seat 12row F seat 13row F seat 14row F seat 15row F seat 16row F seat 17
row F seat 18row F seat 19row F seat 20row F seat 21
row G seat 1row G seat 2row G seat 3row G seat 4
row G seat 5row G seat 6row G seat 7row G seat 8row G seat 9row G seat 10row G seat 11row G seat 12row G seat 13row G seat 14row G seat 15row G seat 16row G seat 17
row G seat 18row G seat 19row G seat 20row G seat 21
row H seat 1row H seat 2row H seat 3row H seat 4
row H seat 5row H seat 6row H seat 7row H seat 8row H seat 9row H seat 10row H seat 11row H seat 12row H seat 13row H seat 14row H seat 15row H seat 16row H seat 17
row H seat 18row H seat 19row H seat 20row H seat 21
row I seat 1row I seat 2row I seat 3row I seat 4
row I seat 5row I seat 6row I seat 7row I seat 8row I seat 9row I seat 10row I seat 11row I seat 12row I seat 13row I seat 14row I seat 15row I seat 16row I seat 17
row I seat 18row I seat 19row I seat 20row I seat 21
row J seat 1row J seat 2
row J seat 5row J seat 6row J seat 7row J seat 8row J seat 9row J seat 10row J seat 11row J seat 12row J seat 13row J seat 14row J seat 15row J seat 16row J seat 17
row J seat 20row J seat 21
row K seat 1row K seat 2row K seat 3
row K seat 5row K seat 6row K seat 7row K seat 8row K seat 9row K seat 10row K seat 11row K seat 12row K seat 13row K seat 14row K seat 15row K seat 16row K seat 17
row K seat 19row K seat 20row K seat 21
row L seat 5row L seat 6row L seat 7row L seat 8row L seat 9row L seat 10row L seat 11row L seat 12row L seat 13row L seat 14row L seat 15row L seat 16row L seat 17
row M seat 1row M seat 2row M seat 3row M seat 4
row M seat 5row M seat 6row M seat 7row M seat 8row M seat 9row M seat 10row M seat 11row M seat 12row M seat 13row M seat 14row M seat 15row M seat 16row M seat 17
row M seat 18row M seat 19row M seat 20row M seat 21
row N seat 1row N seat 2row N seat 3row N seat 4
row N seat 5row N seat 6row N seat 7row N seat 8row N seat 9row N seat 10row N seat 11row N seat 12row N seat 13row N seat 14row N seat 15row N seat 16row N seat 17
row N seat 18row N seat 19row N seat 20row N seat 21
row O seat 1row O seat 2row O seat 3row O seat 4
row O seat 5row O seat 6row O seat 7row O seat 8row O seat 9row O seat 10row O seat 11row O seat 12row O seat 13row O seat 14row O seat 15row O seat 16row O seat 17
row O seat 18row O seat 19row O seat 20row O seat 21
row P seat 1row P seat 2row P seat 3row P seat 4
row P seat 5row P seat 6row P seat 7row P seat 8row P seat 9row P seat 10row P seat 11row P seat 12row P seat 13row P seat 14row P seat 15row P seat 16row P seat 17
row P seat 18row P seat 19row P seat 20row P seat 21
row Q seat 1row Q seat 2row Q seat 3row Q seat 4
row Q seat 18row Q seat 19row Q seat 20row Q seat 21
row R seat 1row R seat 2row R seat 3
row R seat 5row R seat 6row R seat 7
row R seat 10row R seat 11row R seat 12row R seat 13
row R seat 15row R seat 16row R seat 17
row R seat 19row R seat 20row R seat 21
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