Membership in Regency Rewards

By becoming a Member of the Regency Rewards program (“RRP”) you agree to all the terms and conditions set forth below.

Members must be 13 years of age or older to apply.

Regency Theatres has the right to change the terms or cancel the RRP at any time and effective immediately as posted on the website. For up-to-date program details, terms and conditions, please visit regularly.

One person per membership card is allowed. Membership, points and rewards are not transferable to another person or membership account.

Your address and email will be used solely by Regency Theatres for the purpose of sending marketing communications pertaining only to Regency Theatres and the RRP. If you choose to opt-out of such communications, please notify us at

Please view our Privacy Policy for further details.

All notices regarding the RRP will be posted to the website and may also be communicated via email, regular mail, or at the theatre.

How to Earn Points

As a Member you will have the ability to earn points on ticket and concession purchases. Those points can be used towards rewards designated by Regency Theatres. For the current point/reward structure, visit

Memberships can begin earning points after account activation. Your Regency Rewards card must be presented at the time of purchase of tickets and concessions for points to be earned.


10 points are earned for each regular price Adult ticket purchased.

7 points for each Child, Senior, Student or Matinee ticket.

Points are not earned on special discount days or special engagement tickets.

A daily maximum of 100 points can be earned per card for tickets and concession purchases combined. Points earned per ticket may vary by location. Points have no cash value.

Card may be used only one time per visit for ticket purchases.

A valid Regency Rewards card must accompany the tickets for points to be awarded.


At the concession stand, Members can earn 1 point for every dollar spent. Card may be used only one time per visit for concession purchases.

How to Redeem Rewards

Points will continue to accumulate on the membership card but reward cycle will repeat after each 200 points are earned.  That means that the next concession reward will become available at 250 points.

Once enough points have accumulated on the account to earn a reward, the available reward will be added to the card automatically. Member must accumulate 50 points before redeeming their first reward. Rewards can be redeemed at the box office or concession stand as rewards become available.

If rewards are available, a Member may or may not choose to use the reward at the time of purchase. Any redeemed rewards will be immediately deducted from the card used during the purchase.

Once rewards are earned, they will remain available for 60 days from the date earned. Any unused rewards after the 60 days will be forfeited. Under the sole discretion of the management of Regency Theatres, points can be refunded if a reward is unavailable or defective. Free ticket rewards cannot be redeemed for “special engagement” or 3D film presentations.

Due to any unforeseen technical failures that would prevent the earning of points or redemption of rewards, Members are not entitled to compensation.

Membership Termination/Cancellation

Regency Theatres has the right to terminate a membership at the sole discretion of Regency Theatres and its staff if at any time a Member is violating the terms of this agreement. All points and unredeemed rewards will be cancelled from that Member’s card. If at any point a Member wishes to cancel their membership in RRP, the Member must notify Regency Theatres via email at or via US Mail at 26901 Agoura Road, Suite 150, Calabasas Hills, CA 91301.


As a Member of the RRP you agree to indemnify and hold Regency Theatres and its owners, partners, employees and affiliates harmless from any claim or liability due to participation in the RRP or use of the Regency Theatres website. Regency Theatres is not responsible for Member’s ability or inability to use the RRP or website.

Right to Content

Regency Theatres is the sole proprietor of all content relating to the website, marketing materials and email communications for Regency Theatres and the RRP. All content cannot be reproduced or distributed without written consent from Regency Theatres.

If you would like to comment or have any suggestions about the RRP, please email us at The RRP was developed to reward our loyal customers and your opinion matters.